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Why are trees and forests important?

  • Forests are important not only for people, but for the ecosystems of the whole world.
  • Trees absorb carbon and mitigate climate change.
  • Some 75% of Finland's land area is woodland.
  • The recreational use of forests is an important source of well-being.
  • We use products made from wood every day.
  • Wood replaces non-renewable materials, such as plastic.
  • Products made from wood can be recycled.
  • The forest industry is an important employer.
  • The forest industry brings in 20% of Finland's export earnings.

What is Forest of Opportunities?

Forest of Opportunities - Finland's biggest workplace is a school campaign for 8th-grade students in Finland. In this campaign, forestry experts visit schools and talk about career opportunities in the forest industry as well as wood-based products and innovations. During the visit, the students get a clearer idea of what today's forest industry is really like: Its diverse study and job opportunities, how sustainability is related to everything the industry does, and all the products that can be manufactured from wood.

Since 2013, the campaign Forest of Opportunities has been coordinated by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation and the Finnish Forest Association together with forestry companies.

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For introduction and inspiration, watch the 33-minute documentary Arvokas metsämme (Our valuable forest). Password: nähdäänmetsässä